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Blissful Quests® with Doyle Ward-The Podcast

Are you looking for answers? Have you ever had a "hunch" or a "gut feeling" that came true? Are you wondering if you are intuitive? Maybe the real question to explore is not IF you are intuitive, but HOW you are intuitive. Doyle Ward is an experienced intuitive medium, teacher, grief recovery specialist, and life coach. His warm, chatty way of working is engaging and fun as he helps provide evidential information regarding your loved ones. He can tap into your energy to give callers insight into different areas of life. On each show, Doyle will give callers a reading and guide them to get their own answers. He views his show as an extension of his intuitive development teachings and explorations. Doyle brings a positive approach to life, mediumship, intuition, the afterlife, ghosts and ghost experiences, spirit, Spiritualism, dreams, affirmations, grief support and life coaching.

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Past Life Regression – Have you lived before?

By pwsadmin | August 23, 2018

August 22, 2018 – Past Life Regression – Have you lived before? Have you ever experienced déjà vu? Déjà vu is that moment when you go to a place you have never been before but it feels like you have been there. Maybe you even know the layout or the history of the place. How […]

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Awesome Podcast this week 5/23: Channeling and Mediumship – Is there a difference?

By pwsadmin | May 21, 2018

My guest today is Helen Racz and we will be discussing her work as a channel for a stream of higher consciusness known as the Emissarians. Join us to discover what channeling is and how it can be developed. Also, learn the differences between mediumship, channeling, and intuitive information. We’ll be taking your calls so […]

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Last Week’s Podcast: Sensing Energy – Can you feel it?

By pwsadmin | May 21, 2018

Energy, energy, everywhere! Everything is made up of energy, including you! What if you could sense the energy of other people, places, and things? Tune in to find out more about the human energy field (auras) and how you can recieve intuitive info and even direct begin to direct or change energy. On this episode, […]

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Intuitive Dreaming on the Podcast this Week!

By pwsadmin | May 7, 2018

 Do your dreams have a deeper meaning? This week’s podcast is on Intuitive Dreaming. Did you know that dreams can contain messages for you? You can also set an intention for a dream to help you find a solution to a problem. Tune In and Call In this Wednesday, May 9th , 11 am PT, 12 pm […]

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Blissful Quests Podcast – Live This Week!

By pwsadmin | April 24, 2018

I’m so excited to tell you that I have joined inflowradio™. Because we have been on this journey together, I am extending a special invitation to you to listen to my very first live show. The official launch of my network show isn’t until May 2nd, but because you are already a part of my inner circle […]

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Free Gift Added – Exploring Your Intuition

By pwsadmin | April 8, 2018

Added a new FREE Gift for those who sign up to receive my weekly email newsletter. It’s an audio lesson designed to help you get in touch with your own intuition.

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