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2023 Events

Mysteries of the Beyond:

An Afternoon of Mediumship and Channeling

Join us for this amazing workshop filled with messages from loved-ones and access to universal wisdom.

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2022 Events

It was a great workshop. Thank you to all the attendees!

3 Steps to Supercharge Your Intuition Workshop

Join me online Saturday, September 17
at 10am central/11am eastern

Everyone is intuitive and you, YES YOU, can learn the 3 Step Process to accurately access and gather intuitive information. It doesn’t matter whether you are just beginning to explore your gifts, or if you’re a Pro helping others already, this class can help strengthen your confidence and gain accurate information at will.

You will learn and practice:

  • What intuition is and how it really works.
  • Doyle’s 3 Step Intuitive Process for knowing virtually anything.
  • The extraordinary power of Color and Symbols.
  • Learn to give & receive Intuitive readings.
  • And so much more!

*Includes Video Replay Access for one FULL year.*

3 Steps to Supercharge Your Intuition (1280 × 720 px)

2021 Events

Blissful Quests®, LLC
New Project (1)

2020 Events

Sold out! Thank you to all the attendees!

Blissful Quests®, LLC

2019 Events

Blissful Quests®, LLC

Saturday, April 6, 2019 - Houston, TX

Blissful Quests®, LLC

Sold out! Thank you to all who attended the Cosmic Kitchen Workshop!

Blissful Quests®, LLC
New Project (2)

Do you ever feel like, in an effort to improve your romantic relationship, you try to "fix" yourself—be nicer, sexier, less demanding, or more attentive … only to continue feeling disrespected and that your needs are not valued by your partner? If so, you should know you absolutely deserve better! More importantly, you can begin to create it today by joining my friend, Life Coach Sandra Pate, for a FREE interview series, HAPPINESS AFTER HEARTBREAK, which brings together more than 25 experts, including me.

It begins March 20, 2018.

Past Events

Thank you to everyone who attended the Lifetimes: Your Past, Present, and Future Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended the January 2012 Workshop “Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen”

Doyle Ward and Sandra Filer recently hosted a Free Movie Night with the viewing of “You Can Heal Your Life”, the movie
Thank you all who attended

Thank you to everyone who attended the July 2012 Workshop “You Can Heal Your Life”

Thank you to everyone who attended
“Unleash Your Potential Through Forgiveness”

Thank you to everyone who attended the
at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E – Houston Center

Thank you to everyone who attended the

Uncovering the Heart of Happiness Texas Hill Country Retreat
It was truly amazing and I am so thankful to have shared such a powerful weekend together! Below is wonderful a testimonial about the retreat:

“Thank you for the wonderful ‘EXPLORING YOUR MINDSET’ workshop co-presented by you and Georgie Holbrook. It was so evident that you both devoted so much compassionate and intentional preparation into creating a meaningful, uplifting experience for all of us. I was so inspired with the Awesome content as well as the exercises that allowed me to dialogue with others so that I could ground the wisdom learned throughout the workshop! The long list of ‘ready-to-use Affirmations was a magnificent gift to us and will be so useful always. I was especially enlightened in new ways when you said “We are not victims…consider that ‘what is’ may be working for us..” Somehow I like that label more than the ‘blessing good for us” one. In fact I have now coined a saying from that section of “how is ‘this thing’ Presenting Positive Paths to Personal Power & Prosperity in all areas of My life?”

Also, the guide for “scheduling spiritual, fun, family, etc’ is such a wonderful, simple and practical motivator! And I loved the unique way you engaged us in dialogue with the elephant! I never learned so much about any elephant although I’ve lived around 100s of them! Finally, thank you soooo much for powerful assistance in a gentle way with transforming Fear into Fuel. Wow I may become a James Bond Jet Pack as I practice that process regularly!

Bring us More Fun again soon!”

~ Barbara –November 10, 2013

“I am eternally grateful for the great and loving experiences you blessed me with this past weekend. Your UNCOVERING THE HEART OF HAPPINESS RETREAT was so inspiring and way beyond all my expectations!My heart continues to expand and soar lightly today with bubbly happiness and my mind and soul are charged with more clarity. I feel deep confidence that I have embarked on a new harmonious life path with not only passion and energy but also with calm and balance that will carry me forward with many new tools! Your numerous creative activities helped me so gently unwrap my heart, courageously explore it with hope, and delightfully plant new seeds of joy, hope, love, peace, kindness, patience, gentleness, gratitude and clarity!Thank you for the intense and loving preparation you invested into this event. As hopefully you can tell, I believe you were 1,000,000% successful with infusing us with an INCREDIBLY UNLIMITED experience. UNLIMITED because the ripples of expansion are on all levels within me and I believe this is going to BE an ongoing part of me, that it wasn’t just a ‘happening’.

In closing, I want to say that I am so DELIGHTFULLY AMAZED so many of the messages were relevant to me and I look forward to continuing to unwrap them & digest them.”

~ BBS, March 7, 2011

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