I’m so excited to tell you that I have joined inflowradio™. Because we have been on this journey together, I am extending a special invitation to you to listen to my very first live show. The official launch of my network show isn’t until May 2nd, but because you are already a part of my inner circle I’m inviting you to join me on Wednesday, April 25th (11 am PDT, 12 pm MDT, 1 pm CDT, 2 pm EDT) for the soft opening.
The show reflects all of my interests especially in helping people find their own answers. Join me each week as we explore a variety of interests including intuition, the afterlife, life coaching, affirmations, spiritualism and much more.
During most shows, including this week’s show, I will take callers. Feel free to call in when I’m live with your question, to request a brief reading or for help finding a solution to something. The call in number is 1-760-456-7277.
To create a free InFlowRadio account, click on the Blissful Quests the Podcast below. This allows you to not only listen to my show live, but you will be able access archived shows and listen to all the shows on In Flow Radio.

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