Intuitive and Mediumship Readings

Why Have A Reading And What Can It Do For Me?

We all need a little help sometimes and a reading can help to answer questions, uncover patterns, connect you to loved ones in spirit, and so much more. Read about the different options available below.

Mediumship Readings

During a mediumship reading with me, you will be provided with specific evidence and detailed messages from your departed family members, loved ones and friends. The best way to gain the most from your reading is to have an open mind and heart. I will not ask you to share any details on who you are wishing to make contact with. I will make contact with the ones that are most in need of communicating with you. During the course of a reading I may provide you with specific information that you may not be able to identify immediately. Often times, I will hear back from clients after the reading acknowledging the evidence that was supplied. My sincere wish is that through the messages that you receive you will find a great sense of healing and comfort from your loved ones.

Mediumship Session FAQ

Yes! An in-person reading is not necessary to have a good session. A phone, Skype, or other computer connection is just as good, if not even better. The loved one is able to find the medium whether you are actually there or not.

No. A medium is not in control of who comes through during the reading - the Spirit is. I will try to make contact with your loved one you are hoping for (and I usually get them), but it is possible that another family member or friend may come through. Whoever comes through, will be delivering a message of love for you.

I recommend waiting at least a few months before trying to contact your loved one. I have found that grief can affect how you experience the reading.

Recordings are not allowed but you are welcome to take as many notes as you like.

Intuitive Readings

In an Intuitive Reading I will "tap" into your energy and the influences around you to gain some insight into relationships or career or anything related to your everyday life.

An intuitive session with me can provide benefits on many different levels:

  • Provide insight into important decisions
  • Obtain information concerning difficult issues
  • Clarify next steps
  • Insight into relationship issues
  • Career Trends
  • Gain wisdom concerning happiness and your spiritual progress
  • learn more about your own intuitive abilities
  • Empowerment when feeling stuck or seeking direction.

Intuitive Session FAQ

Yes! An in-person reading is not necessary to have a good session. A phone, Skype, or other computer connection is just as good, if not even better.

Nope! I'm not a fortune teller and I will never give you specific advice on what to do. The future is not something set in stone, but is instead directed and created by what you are focused on today. We might discover some potential patterns or trajectories but you always have the power to change your future. I will give you insight into what's going in your life but I will never tell you what to do. I may provide information but ultimately it's your life and you make all the decisions. I am not a doctor, counselor, or lawyer and do not provide anyone with medical, psychological, financial, or legal advice.

Come into the reading with an open mind and heart. Be prepared with specific topics and questions you want to cover. Set your intention to receive information that is for your highest good, and for the highest good of all concerned.

Recordings are not allowed but you are welcome to take as many notes as you like.

Not sure which type of session is right for you?

Let's do a mix of both a Mediumship and an Intuitive session. 

Intuitive & Mediumship Reading

An action packed session where we will focus part of the time on the energies around you to gain insight into relationships, career, or anything related to your daily life. Bring questions! And because you never know who might "drop" in, I will work to provide you with messages from your departed family members, loved ones and friends. See the above descriptions for what to expect and FAQ.

*By confirming and accepting your appointment with Doyle you certify that you have read and accept the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy Statements.  Please note: the fee for your appointment is billed for the amount of time spent with you and not for the content of your consultation. For legal purposes: readings are for entertainment purposes only.*


Wow! Doyle gets information that no one currently around me would know and would not be information that would be obtainable anywhere! Those little bits convinced me that Doyle had made contact with my late father. While sharing what he was getting from my father, what came through made perfect sense to me and sounded just like him. Doyle mentioned little funny tidbits or events that only close family might know. It was a fun and uplifting session. Thanks, Doyle, for sharing your gift and allowing me a chance to connect with my father again!

~ H. F.

Doyle demystified the whole process, and put me right at ease. He was matter-of-fact with a wry sense of humor. Once he settled in, he began to give descriptors that he was being shown and told. He described physical and personality characteristics with uncanny accuracy. He had connected with both my grandmother AND grandfather, and the way he was conveying what they were giving, it was like they were ‘jockeying’ for position to communicate with him (which is how they were in life!).

~ A. R

I have had both a mediumship and intuitive reading with Doyle. They were on separate occasions and both were very interesting and valuable. The mediumship reading provided me with information that helped me do some accepting, healing and forgiveness. The information from the intuitive reading provided me with insight and confirmation on where I am at this stage in life and where I am going.
I've had readings from other people, but Doyle definitely stands out as the best.

~ B. R

I have known Doyle for years and totally trust the information he brings through in his readings to be very accurate and insightful. Doyle is highly trained and naturally intuitive and uses these abilities to help others in a very sensitive manner. As a medium he has presented me with extremely authentic evidence and delivered healing messages. While connecting with his intuition Doyle has given me very helpful information and made several exact predictions. He’s the best!!

~ Sharon, TX

Doyle is the real deal - an expert intuitive with lifetimes of experience, wisdom, and warmth that compliment his many skills. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who’s searching for a life coach, seeking comfort from the loss of a loved one who’s crossed over, or who’s transitioning through relationship. Love this man.

~ C. H.

"Doyle is amazing. He gave me messages with information that he could not have known and that left no doubt as to the identity of the messenger. The messages are always positive and life changing. Be amazed!"

~L. B., Houston

“I am an male Engineer and moderately religious. I was also a healthy skeptic.... After working with Doyle for 2+ years my skepticism has been reduced significantly. Most of what he says and does is in no way against my main stream religious belief, but rather is very much in concurrence. He is very intuitive and everything comes to him easily and naturally. His readings and predictions have been very accurate, much to my surprise.

So slowly I am becoming a believer....In conclusion if you are a skeptic, Doyle can open up a whole new world to you. I am glad I met Doyle and sincerely appreciate his good natured way of helping people.”

~S. U. - Texas

Doyle is truly a gifted intuitive who is filled with love and compassion! His messages are always accurate. He helped me to find my true purpose in life. I am forever grateful!

~Natalie, TX

I’ve had two readings with Doyle. Both were at times of transition in my life. Both were the precise thing I needed. His reading helped me connect the dots in my career and helped me reconcile some issues within my family that had been weighing on my heart. I’m thankful for the peace, compassion and understanding I received from Doyle.


Being in science and engineering, I was skeptical of any afterlife. I needed proof for everything before I believed it. When my husband passed away I was devastated, he couldn’t have just vanished! I started reading everything I could find on life after death such as mediumship, after death communication, near death experience, death bed visions, etc. I started to go to mediums to look for evidential messages, not just general stuff. Then I found Doyle. He gave me so much evidence in his readings that I was really amazed. He told me about things that no one could have known. Most of the information I could validate right away, some of the things that I wasn’t sure about, I found out were true after the reading or they came true later. Doyle portrayed my husband’s character perfectly. During the readings, it feels like my husband is really communicating through Doyle, saying what he would have said and giving me validation, inspiration and advice. I feel so comforted. Doyle delivers the messages clearly and in detail. He is a very compassionate and helping person. I am very grateful to him and wish him all the best.

~ S. L., Houston

It isn't often one comes across a truly gifted individual. One gift per person is fantastic. Doyle Ward has several. The most important is his gift of mediumship, one that was unbidden, but a part of his life since he was very young.

Doyle is caring, compassionate, and kind. His ability to connect those on this side with loved ones that have passed on is incredible. His communication with those who have passed on is open, direct, and filled with information only the client and the loved ones that have passed would know or understand. At no time is one uncomfortable, rather, they are comforted by the communication provided by Doyle. Be prepared to reach across the veil to reach those you miss the most. Don't be surprised if there is a bit of humor thrown in as well.

Doyle Ward is a caregiver, a provider of solace to those who so sincerely are in need of it. Give him a try. You won't regret it.

~ T.J.V.

I had the pleasure of seeing Doyle do a group mediumship reading. His skill in obtaining specific and relevant information for each of the attendees was very impressive. He also is able to identify with which attendee his messages are for. He maintains orderly communication and delivery even in a group reading, so he is not asking the audience to try to figure out if the messages are for them (which can cause a lot of anxiety for those in grief). Doyle's ability to identify specific descriptive characteristics of the departed and also the nuance messages from them to their living loved ones is very remarkable. He provides a lot of healing for those in grief, and I imagine also for those who have passed away.

~ B. C.

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